Rean became involved in our strategy and annual plan development process in 2013/2014. Rean with his approach has added another dimension to our strategic development process as he has assisted us to become a more aligned and focused team. With the help of the various techniques and team alignment exercises that Rean introduced into our session each member of the team became more aware of their own strength and weaknesses, and more importantly how they can use their strengths to the benefit of the team. Team members further started to understand each other better which assisted immensely with the team dynamics.
Since Rean has been involved I firmly believe we have become a stronger and more aligned team. The way the team functions also improved significantly.
COO Global Company

Rean is a remarkable coach and mentor. His ability to listen is unprecedented and offers so much value to those being coached. We have confidence in Rean and therefore increased the scope of his engagement.

CEO Insurance Industry

The Strategy and Team Alignment process provided a platform for me to open myself up for feedback from my team, helping me grow as a leader. This also helped get all the team members to realize that constructive feedback is encouraged and that there were no “holy cows” as demonstrated from the top.

Rean and Tjaart brought to the session essential professional input borne out of wide business and leadership experience.  The sessions were focused and well controlled to encourage participation, even getting the team members to share information of personal nature. This developed trust and helped us mature as a team.

Apart from the fact that I went on to win the (2016) CEO’s “outstanding leader of the year award”, which indicated EXCO’s recognition of how well our team functioned together, we continued to deliver results above the ramp-up curve and achieved flagship status. Three members of the team were rewarded with promotions into senior management roles and the team continued to build on the process to integrate subsequent replacements.

GM Mining Company