We have done research on Organisational, Leadership, Diversity, Front Line Management, and other areas.

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Leadership and Personal Profile Intelligence Online Assessments

REACH Ecosystem.  THE ALL-IN-ONE PEOPLE & CULTURE DEVELOPMENT ECOSYSTEM.  Everything you need to turn to POTENTIAL INTO PERFORMANCE at your finger tips

The link below will take you directly into the survey login page, in which you will be required to provide an email address and password (which you will create). If for some reason you were to drop out of the REACH profile in progress, this information is required to log back in and continue where you left off.

Please answer each LDP question in light of your most typical preferences under common circumstances (in other words, your first reaction to each question). Please be very candid in your response so your personalized outcome can be most accurate and useful for you.

There are no right or wrong answers, as each of us has our own set of preferences and tendencies that guide our behaviour.

Other Assessments Available

  • Competency Assessments – Assessment centres and simulations
  • Cognitive Process Profile (CPP) – measures the way we think
  • Personality Profiles
  • Behaviour Preferences (DISC Profile)
  • Emotional and Spiritual Intelligence