Why unconditional engagement matters in leadership and business – and how to practise it

Leadership is about people, so it’s not surprising that two of the seven leadership dimensions that my PhD study uncovered are about relationships. What is interesting is what those dimensions are: unconditional engagement and humane connectivity. The two relationship dimensions make up the horizontal arms of the model. They are what gives your leadership [...]

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Taking people from here to there: the importance of clarity of direction

The fourth leadership dimension that emerged from my PhD study describes this aspect of leadership exactly. I call it clarity of direction. In Chapter 6 of my book, The Leader’s Inner Source*, I explain it as follows: Being able to have and provide clarity of direction requires three things: having a clear vision, sharing [...]

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Work with others to create infinite possibilities

“By ourselves, we are unlikely to change the status quo, but working with others opens up infinite possibilities.” ~ The Leader’s Inner Source*, Chapter 5, “Creating infinite possibilities” This past month, I was reminded of this truth when I entered into a partnership with Legitimate Leadership. It hit home for me on two levels. [...]

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Inspired creativity: What it is and why it’s important in leadership.

Lately, I’ve been reminded how some people can see and create things way before others. I call it “inspired creativity” – the ability to find alternative solutions and approaches in pursuit of sustainable results. Inspired creativity is one of the seven leadership dimensions that emerged from my PhD research, and I devote Chapter 4 [...]

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Mindfulness: first key to unleashing a leader’s full potential

Can you relate? You’re having a busy day at work, and there’s a particular problem that you can’t get off your mind. Even though you’re in and out of meetings (or video calls these days), you don’t contribute much. You’re preoccupied. That evening at home, you’re quiet at the dinner table. You don’t ask [...]

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In my reflections with a coaching client at the start of this year, I was fascinated by what she has achieved during very difficult global times. I was reminded again: we are not our circumstances. This point is backed up by research. A study that followed 52 men who were in prison at an [...]

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Enhancing our leadership capacity to contribute to a more humane global system

Enhancing our leadership capacity to contribute to a more humane global system As leaders, we have a responsibility to develop a humane system in which we create wealth, but not at the cost of people.  In my previous blog on the 5th Industrial Revolution, I referred to the problematic situation when humans and machines [...]

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The leader’s responsibility in the 5th Industrial Revolution

Over the past few centuries, humans have experienced wave upon wave of technological advancements, and it has had a massive impact on the way we work. The image below illustrates this series of industrial revolutions. The first two industrial revolutions were spread apart by at least a century. Now, it’s happening much quicker. We [...]

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The potential for a different kind of leadership

I end the introduction to the book with these words: Dare to entertain the idea of a different kind of leadership than what most of us think of when we hear the word. Imagine what organisations can be like if everyone, including the leader, comes to work with their whole [...]

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Independent Facilitators Ensure Powerful Dialogue and Results!

Independent Facilitators Ensure Powerful Dialogue and Results! My experience as Specialist Facilitator  during the last 17 years in Strategy Breakaways or Reviews, Conflict Disputes, Leadership Alignment Interventions or any Business Improvement Discussions convinced me that Independent Facilitation rather than expert knowledge is the secret ingredient for Powerful Results. I often asked myself why independence [...]

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