Lately, I’ve been reminded how some people can see and create things way before others.

I call it “inspired creativity” – the ability to find alternative solutions and approaches in pursuit of sustainable results. Inspired creativity is one of the seven leadership dimensions that emerged from my PhD research, and I devote Chapter 4 of my book, The Leader’s Inner Source*, to it.

The Leaders Inner Source

The Leaders Inner Source

As I wrote in my book:

The chaotic and volatile global system in which we function requires us to seek solutions that go beyond the obvious. As leaders, we need to take a deeper, broader and longer-term view of the challenges we face. 

To see possibilities and potential outcomes which extend beyond our current reality, we must be able to recognise patterns, integrate seemingly unrelated events, suspend what we know, listen and be open to different views. We must also be aware of the systemic impact of our decisions. 

[…] It is about creating a future state and not focusing on understanding the past only. It requires a shift in perception, orientation, thinking and values. 

An example of inspired creativity: the REACH profile

The REACH profile is an excellent example of how some people, in this case, the developers of the tool, saw and created something before others did. 

Several years ago, I met the lead developer of the REACH profile, truly an inspired person, researcher, developer and a giver. He saw further than what most of us could to develop a new way to think about leadership. 

I am delighted that he did. I believe it is an inspired tool, and I’ve been using it in my coaching practice for several years, with close to a thousand profiles completed and numerous team interventions where I used it. It also forms part of module one of my new online Leadership Programme.

As you might know, I am very cautious about the use of assessments and profiles. I believe we all have limitless potential, and if an assessment is not facilitated appropriately, it can easily put people in boxes and have a limiting effect.

However, when assessments and profiles are facilitated well, they can awaken new thoughts and open new paths for people and organisations. The REACH profile is such a tool that I believe can inspire you and your teams to think about their approach to leadership in new ways. 

In that sense, the REACH profile is not only an inspired tool – it can also be a source of inspiration for you and those you lead.

To be inspired & inspire others

When it comes to inspired creativity, leaders have a two-fold responsibility: to be inspired and to inspire others. 

I go into much more depth in The Leader’s Inner Source*, but here are the most important points to consider.

Leaders need more than analytical and strategic thinking to solve the problems and challenges that we face daily. Unfortunately, the high-stress environments in which we operate are not conducive to creative thinking. We must train our brainwaves to slow down to be able to see new possibilities and connections. 

We must find our inspiration.

Powerful ways to do so are regular time in solitude, prayer, reflection and meditation. Many people, myself included, find this inspiration in their spiritual Source. We can also find it in nature, art, people, relationships and acts of kindness.

Leaders must tap into what inspires them to keep their creative wells full.

From this place, we must also inspire others. Our responsibility is to create an environment in which those we lead can tap into their sources of inspiration and contribute to creative problem solving.

As I put it in the book:

The type of leadership I am describing here involves less effort from the leader alone and relies more on their capacity to influence others positively and constructively. I see it as a more spiritual approach to leadership. You are leading from the inside and the inspiration of your Source. 

In the process, you also allow each person you lead to live and work in a more inspired and authentic way that is true to themselves, their design and their Source. You are creating an environment where everyone can engage more fully with themselves, those around them, and their world. 

In need of creative inspiration?

We all need to keep our creative wells full by consciously devoting time to what inspires us. While it’s good to know the tried and tested practices that inspire us, we should also change things up and explore new things too.

It’s why experiences like holidays, travel and conferences often spark new ideas or inspire fresh motivation.

Discovering something new about yourself can do the same. For that reason, I’d love to offer you a link to a complimentary REACH profile. Or, if you want to go more in-depth, you can sign up for “The Leader’s Context”, the first module of my online Leadership Programme, which also includes the assessment.

Contact me at if you are interested.

And remember to make time today for whatever it is that inspires and enables you to give to others.

* The Leader’s Inner Source is available on Amazon, or contact me on +27 83 265 9027 to purchase it directly.